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    3 Ways to Promote Quality Sleep

    3 Ways to Promote Quality Sleep

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    We have all experienced a restless night. Whether you toss and turn, stare blankly at the ceiling, or deal with racing thoughts, getting insufficient sleep can greatly affect the quality of your life. You may have tried some home remedies such as taking a warm bath, drinking a hot cup of tea, or counting down from 100. But, if you are still desperately searching for a solution that works, it may be time to look into options that are backed by scientific research.

    Continue reading to learn more about 3 proven ways you can improve the quality of your sleep:

    Exercise Regularly

    Getting daily exercise does a lot more than strengthen your heart and improve the mobility of your joints. Research shows that exercise and sleep have a bidirectional relationship, meaning that when you optimize your exercise regimen, it can have a positive effect on your sleep quality. In turn, getting a sufficient amount of sleep can promote healthier energy levels for physical activity during the day.

    When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that help promote better sleep. Exercise also increases the amount of time your body spends in slow wave sleep. The body releases the human growth hormone during slow wave sleep stages in order to trigger muscle repair. This same hormone boosts the immune system and burns fat. The more time you spend asleep, the more your body can work on these vital functions.

    A research study found that consistent exercise regimens can successfully alter sleep patterns. The participants were older, sedentary adults who suffered from insomnia. Over 16 weeks, participants performed regular exercise while receiving information about good sleep habits. The results concluded that regular exercise helped reduce the symptoms of insomnia, boost mood, and improve energy levels.

    Create A Relaxing Environment

    Some people have no problem going into their bedroom and knocking out; While others struggle to find a dark and quiet environment that encourages them to rest their mind and body. Studies show that a relaxing sleeping space is essential for adequate rest. When a bedroom is optimized for ideal light and noise levels, temperature, and overall comfort, people simply sleep better.

    Your circadian rhythm is responsible for your sleep-wake cycle.  If you tend to deal with constant light and noise disruptions while sleeping, your circadian rhythm can be thrown out of whack. During the day, light exposure causes our internal clock to send signals to the brain that generate alertness and help keep us awake and active. When the sunlight disappears, your body receives a cue and initiates the production of melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep.

    To keep the circadian rhythm on track, you must set clear boundaries for when you expose yourself to bright lights or blue lights from technology prior to bedtime. A distrubed sleep-wake circadian rhythm can result in some serious sleeping complications. Without the proper signaling from the body’s internal clock, a person can struggle to fall asleep, wake up during the night, and sometimes never fall asleep at all. Promote a healthy circadian rhythm by creating a relaxing environment that encourages long and peaceful rest!

    Try Our NeuroSleep Supplement

    Here at NeuroRealm, we have worked with neuroscientists to formulate effective products that you can use daily to reap the proven scientific benefits of essential nootropics that improve your lifestyle. Packing yourself with a multitude of ingredients and treating it as a "One-A-Day" does not work for everyone. In fact, it does not work for a vast majority of individuals. We believe in honing in on specific avenues of cognitive enhancement that work hand-in-hand with your daily life.

    Research shows that fueling your body with natural ingredients such as GABA and L-Theanine leads to positive synergistic effects on sleep quality and duration. We at NeuroRealm diligently reviewed these studies with top researchers to formulate a scientific blend of herbs and naturally-occurring amino acids designed to give your body the restorative sleep it deserves. After all, a good day starts with a better night’s sleep.

    NeuroSleep contains a vital and accurate dose to aid you into your own perfect sleep. A single serving of NeuroSleep will promote a deeper sleep without the morning fog, reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, support a more restful sleep cycle, and calm the nervous system. Check out the ultimate sleep supplement for all walks of life: NeuroSleep.

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