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    4 Helpful Tips to Stay Focused & Productive [Focus Hacks]

    4 Helpful Tips to Stay Focused & Productive [Focus Hacks]

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    The hustle and bustle of everyday life can really consume us. From work and finances, to family and friends, we are constantly being pulled in different directions to get everything done. If you have ever felt scatterbrained? Can't focus? You are not alone. Stress can put our brains into overdrive — what some describe as ‘fight or flight’ mode. It can disrupt our attention, memory, sleep, and so much more. Instead of feeling bombarded by countless responsibilities, it’s important to concentrate on one thing at a time.

    If you find this really challenging, continue reading to learn about 4 helpful tips to stay focused and productive:

    Create A Planner

    Sometimes the most intimidating part of your day is realizing just how much you need to accomplish. If you are trying to create a mental list of your to-do’s, you may experience information overload, and forget to do some really important tasks along the way. It’s always a good idea to create a planner so you can easily check things off as you complete them. It can also help you plan attainable goals and keep you focused on the next checkbox you need to tick off on your planner.

    If you can normally get 3-5 things done a day, you don’t want to add 10 things to your planner. By creating a consistent schedule to follow, you can promote organization, focus, and productivity.

    Learn to Say No

    Many people just simply run themselves too thin. If you constantly agree to help other people or sign up for too many extracurricular activities, you may deprive yourself of energy, focus, and time. While it seems counterintuitive, doing too much can actually hinder your productivity. Learning to say no and establishing healthy boundaries can improve your ability to focus on other activities that take priority. You can minimize your stress by shifting your focus to what matters most!

    Listen to Music

    Did you know that music is proven to help improve cognitive performance? A Stanford studyfound that music encourages the brain to pay attention. Researchers utilized musical compositions from the 1800s in their study, and found that music engages the areas of the brain involved with paying attention, making predictions and updating the event in memory. If you are working on homework, typing up some notes, or studying a certain subject, consider playing some subtle music in the background to see if it helps you focus!

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