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    Third Party Testing

    What is Third party Testing & why is it important?

    Third-party testing and certification is a quality control (QC) process where an independent lab reviews a product and its ingredients to see if it meets safety standards. Quality control is the #1 priority for all NeuroRealm™ products. Below you will find all of our third party lab results for all of our products. At NeuroRealm™, we believe transparency and quality work hand in hand. 

    Click below for a complete list of verified third party lab results.

    All Third Party Test Results PDF

    Lab results can be verified by calling and quoting the "Lab#" found on each COA:

    1169 Warner Ave
    Tustin, CA, 92780
    (714) 259-0385


    Microbiological Testing

    All NeuroRealm™ finished products are tested at completion for all potentially harmful microorganisms and only release the public once all tests have been approved by multiple vendors. As stated above, Quality control is the #1 priority for all NeuroRealm™ products.

    All Finished Product Microbiological Test Results PDF